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13. července 2014 v 2:07 | Nicole

Tak nějak se momentálně nudím a spát se mi nechce, tak mě takhle napadlo, vyplnit tuhle blbůstku, tak pokud jste lačni po vědomostech, tak s chutí do čtení.

Rozhovor o rozpadu P!ATD

6. července 2009 v 20:30 | Nicole
mrsbenzedrine1http://www.friendsorenemies... please please please tell me this is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nicolexhey@mrsbenzedrine1 wha the fuc is it?
mrsbenzedrine1@nicolexhey noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my life is runied!!!!!!!!
nicolexheyRyan Ross and Jon Walker will be leaving Panic at the why? :D
mrsbenzedrine1@nicolexhey it said they have different musical fasion and jon and ryan want to go a different way. brendon and spencer are still panic.
mrsbenzedrine1@nicolexhey they want to do different things in musci, i guess. but it made me cry.
nicolexhey@mrsbenzedrine1 thanks.i didn´t get all text,but half from1st sentence was enough.but i wonder how they will continue..drumms and guitar..?
mrsbenzedrine1@nicolexhey and pete just said that hes going to hear there demos in the studio. they still have there new album comming out
mrsbenzedrine1@nicolexhey that makes me a little more happy, and there still going on tour as panic at the disco.
nicolexheywhy have i feelling FOB is separating?
nicolexhey@mrsbenzedrine1 i´ve ever wished to be on their concert and now..? it wil nevere and really never be! what happiness..
mrsbenzedrine1@nicolexhey well, pete said that there not, in some interview,he said that they wernt sure if they were going to make another album
mrsbenzedrine1@nicolexhey and at the end of petes last tweet. :( R.I.P. Panic
nicolexhey@mrsbenzedrine1 im really sorry for your cry.but what can we expect from boys..:(
nicolexhey@mrsbenzedrine1 i heard about it and im glad.and end of his post made me more sad..:(

Rozhovor se Zoe :D (anglicky)

7. června 2009 v 22:41 | Nicole


how are you enjoying this fine day?


nice day? :D haha yeep im fiine..i really look forward to watching videos on youtube :) Achmed - the dead terorist :D it´s funny.and i have nothing to do.and what youu?

hahahaha i love him sooo much

i love the silence i kill you! he is sooo funny. have you seen the jingle bells one.if you havent you should watch it. and im surprised you havent asked about my kids!jkjkjk

haha :D yep i love this part soo much! :D

aaw sorry! :D i forgot. sry sry sry!! XD soo..what you kids? did you visit Bronx and family? :D


thats where there at! my kids are across the contry right now. sad but i know pete and ash and there nanny will take care of them. pete and ash are such good pearnts. and bronx the cutest baby ever!


they lef you.why? they went to trip with Wentz family? oh and what are you doing without them? are you with you lovely husband? x) and i agree..Bronx is really cuuuute!


pete asked ryan if he could take them so they could hang out with bronx. so there in calforina.yeah,me ryan,brendon,and my dog.ry and bden are still passed out from last night. they went to the bar last night. there is one down the street. they walked home last night.(i kinda feel stupid doing this, but it is way to FUN!!)


so they are lying on the sofa and looking at you..? what intention have you to do with them?? i should have one idea XD haha.(i know,but i enjoy this !:))


im the one who is on the sofa. i was up when they came in.they we both went up stairs. when i went up stairs ten mintues latter they were passed on on mine and rys bed.thank god that bden kept his clothes on. when your drunk things can happen. when i went in ry, wass completly down to his passed out guys laying in MY bed.hmmm that gives me and idea!

are you kidding??

2 guys in your house? and kinda completely naked? you shoul send them to my house! wel if you have this sweet boys in your house,are they jealous each other,aren´t they? buddies which fight over you.oh! and how was look to..echm..Ry? :D

just ry was in his boxers. bden he had his shirt off but still had pants on.but yeah in my bed.i know i married to ry, but bren is pretty hot.and these guys are funny drunks!

hahaha! hey girl,you get me!! :D

aaw..if they are drunk you can do SOMETHING with them.they won´t remember it.i think it is a good chance.if i was instead of you i would improve it.i believe you they both are hot.i can imagine them.really awesome! :) enjoy it! so WHAT will you do with them? XD


brendon has a girlfriend,so i dont think she would like that.haha im sick,but make another baby with my husband! haha you should here them talk. you cant even understand it!!hahahahahahaha

XDD baby? next ZoRy ? :D hey what fun have you there?? :D omfg! is he lucky to have next baby?


zory!well they just woke up! idk, *asks ryan if he wants another kid* he said after the new album*jumps around like a crazy person* NEW ALBUM!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!(truth i dont know when the new cd comes out sry)

new album..

exacter! :D...but one good thing on it - he want!! :) hope they will have new album some day. :D but i adore you.have 3 guys at home.really big adrenalin! :) and you have to be really sweating if one of that guys is sooo sweet and hot and rest of them are small but cute.

Rozhovor se Zoe + (anglicky) :)

7. června 2009 v 2:59 | Nicole

já červeně,Zoe modře XD


how are you?

hei :)

im fine! but kinda tired..what you?

ah im fine,

just got back from a birthday party. im just bored.but my mom bought food so im not hungry any more!

what b-day? Pete´s? :D

haha go eat! good taste! :P

i wish!!!

no,nephew's. but if was petes, it would be longer than an hour, there would be a lot of famous people (aka my husband ryan ross)

i read

he celebreted his b-day in one club for 21+ xD so we have a bad luck..haha your husband..? why didn´t you invite me to your wedding? :(

sorry we didnt want any body to know,cause all of the

news and papparazi. but i will tell you about our two kids, george ryan ross the 4 and benidict michel ross.


i old are they? i hope they´re small.i love babies :P i hope the are as cute as him & you!


ryan2 is one and ben is 17 months. they both look like him so much it isnt even funny. and they are sooo skiny. ryan2 when he was born he only waied 4 pounds. and ben only 3. i have some skinny children!! they take after there dad alot!!


are they problem childs? it sounds like that.and if they are like him you have to love them sooo much.does he help you with them? he should!

they are soooo good kids.

its just sometimes they wine when they cant see ryan. they love him so much. they also love it when unlce spencer,jon and brendon come over. and ry, he is such a good dad.(haha my mom just looked at this and was like when did you get married and have kids) but any way. he is so good with kids. and the kids love hobo. she loves them back, i think.

im jealous :D

one wonder how nice family you have.especially if their uncle is spencer,jon and brandon! i hope your devils will be musicans too.your mom is really great grandma :D how did she take this discovery? uh and is ryan anywhere there? acclaim him.give kiss to your have to be really happiest girl on the world!

dot be jelous. i hate when people are jelous of me.

you will find someone that will love you one day. ah,my mom pretty hates ryan. she doesnt like her 13 year old daughter maried to a 22 year old.oh and hell yeah they will be musisians!! spencer bought ryan2 a drum set for his first birthday. it is so funny. we put ryan2 on spencs lap and he just plays with it. it is sooo funny. he beats it with the sticks. and ben he sings! while brendon is singing he will talk baby talk.oh ryan though to teach lil ryan his fist word, whore. so when we put on i write sins. hes the one in the back of the car shouting whore!


thanx.i know my mom hates younger guys than she is and which i like.i didn´t ask her about ryan,but im sure she will hate you mom will have to acquiesce with it.unfortunately you are wife and she can´t do anything with spencer is so nice.but i think it had to be really smal drums for ryan2.and to that are probably proud!


the drums were normal size to. he all most fell off cause he was reaching to far. good thing spence was watching him. he will make a good father one day. hell they will all make good dads one home alone! the guys went to the bar down the street.and lil ry and ben went to petes house. funny. my kids are across the contry. with there nanny. my nanny is also bronxs. so there haning out in calaforina. they love it there.

to bylo dobrý..:D

4. června 2009 v 22:43 | Nicole
nicolexhey@Miska_FOB_lover haha :D nechutnost o něm mě nějak bavěj..:D nevim proč :D sem jednou kámošce řekla,že mu bude lízat ty pejzy :D:D
@nicolexhey panebože xDDDDD,promin nějako mi to přišlo k smíchu xDDDD
nicolexhey@Miska_FOB_lover ne :D v pohodě :D:D mě taky :D dyž jako si to představíš..:D er..XD zvláštní to představa..:D ale jak já bych chtěla XDDDD

haha :D:D

úryvek z icq.. :D

17. května 2009 v 22:34 | Nicole
1:...takže mu teda zaplatili striptérku a on řikal,že mu to bylo nepříjemný a že nikdy před tim striptérku neviděl....
2:...cožeee???? já se tu bouchla o lampičku....

:D:D:D:D:D ježiiiš :D:D:D jak já todle stvoření miluju!!! :D:D:D

Já vs. Mamka :D

17. května 2009 v 22:32 | Nicole
N: dneska je výročí svatby.
M: kdo?
N: tn černovlasej s tou blonbýnou.
M: já myslela babička s dědou.
N: *výbuch smíchu* :-D
M: to sou spolu rok?
N: prej sou
M: to je teda zážitek!
N: taky si myslim XD
M: ale dyk jí vidí jednou za čas a je furt na koncertech..
N: to by ses divila! dyk vona s nim jezdí! is tim prckem!
M: to maj nějakej obytnej autobus?
N: dyk jezděj! XD
M: to sem nevěděla


S Miškou na icq :D:D (jen něco xD)

6. května 2009 v 22:34 | Nicole
jenom něco,ale je to nej! :D a to je dycky nej! :D

Rozhovor s Miškou na twitteru (česky)

5. května 2009 v 23:55 | Nicole
rozhovor s Miškou :D na twitteru :D modrá x červená :D snad víte,která je jaká,ne? :D

°Přátelství je někdy víc než láska!!° - to je pravda! :)
jj pravda to teda jeee!!! :))
:D u mě teda převážně hele :D zatim sem nepotkala "Patricka" aby to bylo jako s klukem..:D bo nevim jak to říct :D
to jo!jestli by jsi to brala u kluků tak to 100%!!!!!No u holek samozřejmě taky :-DD No to jsem to ale napsala blbě :D
:D:D:D chápu :D:D všecko chápu :D:D mmnt..:D
no jak jinak by se to dalo brát než u kluků! :-D nj zkráceně souhlasim s tebou :D
tak já si myslim,že s klukama nemůže bejt víc přátelství než láska..oni chtěj jenom přece sex,takže láska tam není :D ....
ale s nějakejma třeba může :D třeba s Brandonem bych kámošila,i když ho nesnášim,ale jde o to toho člověka poznat :D
no nevadí..já ani moc nevim o čem tu píšu..:D jesi mě chápeš,tak ok :D
:D jojo chápu naprostě přesně :D

Rozhovor se Zoe na twitteru (anglicky xD)

2. května 2009 v 1:51 | Nicole
sme se bavili xDD a to sem asi kolem jedenáctý večer přijela z čarodek (sme je slavili na prvního máje) domů na kole :D tak sem pak napsala na twitter a ona pak mi napsala a tak sme si psali xD si to přečtěte a přeložte xD(ona je frenchtoast1 a já sme nicolexhey) :D

frenchtoast1@nicolexhey hahaha i feel bad to. fone # ******** (home only bcus my damm cell isnt working) (dont know how much $ it will cost though):)
nicolexhey@frenchtoast1 =) haha..i have your pfone! :D i will phone and fo example your dad pick up it?jej much $? xD i pay only Kč :D
frenchtoast1@nicolexhey depends what it says when you call. caller id can help. and usually my mom would pick up. my dad dosent like to talk on the fone
frenchtoast1@nicolexhey when my cell gets fixed i will give you that to. oh and im reading twilight well new moon the second one. it is a good book.
nicolexhey@frenchtoast1 what caller?the man which talk there before pick up?here talks xD and i though your dad don´t want to pick up.
nicolexhey@frenchtoast1 and i love moms xD and why are you feeling bad? bcus 1st May? you wans´t get kiss? (if is this tradicion in America..:))
frenchtoast1@nicolexhey caller id is when your fhone tells you who is calling before u pick up and what about kissing on may 1st? im confused:)
nicolexhey@frenchtoast1 you are reading new moon? =) twilight enchanted you? =) and is that book good? :)
nicolexhey@frenchtoast1 oh i see xD and we have one traditon on 1st may..the boy have to kiss girl under the flowery cherry-tree :)
frenchtoast1@nicolexhey really cause i never heard of it. i guess you learn somthing new everyday , and yes im reading it,hold on!
nicolexhey@frenchtoast1 so pretty tradition :) but..nobody wants kiss me :D:D what something new? you mean that man which is talking on phone? xD
nicolexhey@frenchtoast1 questions - how did your softball go? have you got G.I.N.A.F.S song from fall out boy? :)
frenchtoast1@nicolexhey its old but isnt edward hot!!!

Rozhovor s Monikou (anglicky)

29. dubna 2009 v 0:09 | Nicole

ona je modře a já červeně :D

HI !!!

Whats up ? :D I heven't been here for so long :P I forgot that I have account here xD

hey! :D

i was wondering what happend with you :D and im pretty fine..things seem like i will have a guitar so im totally happy! :D and how can you forgot it? :D and what´s up with you? :D any great "experience with Patrick"? and how did you celebrate yesterday? :D
I didn't spent a lot of time on my computer lately cause all the time I read "Twilight" xD but today when I saw your coment on my blog I thought " omg! I absolutelly forgot about falloutboyrock ! " Here's noting new :P I think I'm going to be sick cause I have huge sore throat :( and yesterday... It was great day, I even made a cake for Patrick xD and what about you ? OMG! bdw...25... thats sounds proudly ;D


yep..because of Twilight you forgot me :D and to you looking forward,what will be :D and always,i trnaslate it in my translator and i see a lot of red colour (that means something isn´t translated because of inflection :D) so i translate it im my head and understand it! :D it´s good =) i hope you get you book out and will be famous writter! :) Patrick will read it and come to Poland and you will be as Amy! :D oh! :) and is your cake ate off (or i don´t know how to write it :D) ? or Patrick will have something special post in his box? :D oh im you won´t believe one thing!! yesterday i and my mom (MO MOM! YES! HER! :D) celebrated Patrick´s b-day! :D i can´t believe it! :D we drunk a wine and then i was *blauwa* sick :D and yesterday was a fucking awesome day! =) but only thing missed - Patrick in my house!


to be honest : because of Twilight I forgot about everyone ;D I admire you greatly cause you understand all of it :D OMG... I'm reading a book ? it's hard to imagine to me xD and I'm not sure that Patrick should read it... for sure he will think that I'm totally freak xDDDD but if he want I can be his Amy ^^ I have no objections xD hahaha :D I ate cake with my friends... It's a pity I live so far away. If I live in US I will send that cake to him xDDD I read on your blog here about your mom and wine (hey! you're too young to drink alcohol!!! ;D;D;D ) and it's hard to believe... she celebrited Patrick's B-day xD so she finally get like him ? haha, Patrick should visit us yesterday! first me- to eat a cake and then you- to drink wine ;D

haha! :D

that book is too great too forgot us? xDD one girl in my class is obsessed by Twilight.i didn´t see it,but she says it´s a great film and book too xD and..what you think..? maybe Patrick like freaky books! :D and yep! you will have him at first! :D oh im jealous! he will be used by you! :D but never mind.i give him a wine and he will be drunken (and fulled by cake of course :D) it will be gread day,if he come! :) i wished it! :) but no,he must had to be in America! :D chmm..and i don´t know if my mom like him from now,but i think not,because i showed he any pic of Patrick and she told "oh! gramp is shopping" but that pic was awesome so i don´t know why she told it!! :D and i´d like Patrick to my house coz she will be crazy! :D:D


hey and im too young too drink alcohol? :D oh! :D what a discrimination! :D you peek how can i drink! :D i totaly much lobe beer! :D my uncle and my grandpa give me a bit of their beers and i drink and drink and enjoy :D:D you drink anything? :D ...i got drunk when i was about 9 and i run around our cottage and then lay to bed and i don´t know what was next :D:D but it was good experience! :D:D

YES! you're too young! it's outrageous!

I was only joking ;D sometimes I like to drink something xD but not too often. last time when I drank couple beers with my younger sister we were sat on empty parking lot and sang "20 dollar nise bleed" and it was 1 a.m. xDDD

hahaha! :D:D:D

i caan´t! :D:D really? :D:D omg..:D i would to see you :D:D it must had to be amazing!


ohh yeah... it was amazingxD but I'm sure you won't to see it ;D and absolutely you won't to hear it! xDDD you would become deaf or die of laugh xD

Rozhovor se Zoe (anglicky)

24. dubna 2009 v 0:18 | Nicole
tento rozhovor se uskutečnil na twitteru :D:D rozhovor byl ze dne na den xD 22.3. - 23.3. :D
(já sem červeně a ona je modře :D)

goodnight and sweet dreams!:)
thank you,Zoe! :)
your welcome,Nicole!:)
hey! how did you sleep? :D
hi i slept good and school was good to how bout u,how was ur day?
i wasn´t at school today.i was so lazy to get up :D but about 6 pm i went to my friend and it was great! xD so it was free day
so like if u dont want to go to school that day u dont have to? cause if we dont go to sch. 4 3days we get in trouble big time!!
and our teachers only want to see our apology why we weren´t at that´s all.
well.if i don´t want to go to school so i don´t have to! :D my mom is very nice and leave me at home. so im pleased for it
our techershave to ask wy hy u wernt there a note from your mom and dad and well if you skip more than like 7or8 days
you see a little place caled jail.
oh hey all just making a Scient projects and it´s really boring :D so..can everyone cheer me up? :D (toto sem psala jako obecně všem xD)
i can! projects suck but how did ur day go?!
agree.oh and my day?great and totaly bad.great bcus i had very great gup to my mates which i dislike or hate! :D
and totaly bad bcus i cried from one unidentificate thing.i don´t know because of it was,but maybe bcus people.they´re so bad.
yeah,people are bad and confusing. idk. its just people are people.
and i have no money to buy a mom doesn´t want a guiter for me.i don´t know why.i hope you had better day :) whats up
yep and i can´t understand why a lot of people have to be something better than other´s a mystery xD
hey.your teachers have to be crazy.if you have any illness and then "dislike to don´t go to school" so who cares?oh! dumbs xD
yeah teachers are crazy and when people act better than someone it is bcuz they dont feel good about them selves
i think 1)they disbelieve themselves,2)they´re i was so happy and a lot of other not.odd times.

Rozhovor s Michelle (anglicky) :D

10. dubna 2009 v 1:44 | Nicole
já sem červeně a ona je oranžově :D:D jesi tomu budeš rozumět,tak to nemusíš pochopit,ale je to sranda s ní!! :D:D myslím,že se v tom většina z vás nevyzná :D ale neva :D jen si to přečtěte a smějte se taky :D jinak rozhovor probíhal na a já tam sem jako niqui a ona jako MichelleFromDenmark

Prostě pokec s Andym.. :D

29. března 2009 v 15:02 | Nicole
Takže sem na Twitteru..xD noa voni tam sou takový jako profily..noa jeden z nich je Andyho z Fall Out :D tak já sem mu jednou takhle večer napsala xD noa teď už mu píšu asi třetí zprávu :D A né jako že by on neodepisoval,ale on odepisuje! :D to sem docela šťastná :D ale ještě sem mu za to nepoděkovala xD jinak se s nim směju...teda aspoň já jo,nevim jak on :D a tak teda sem dám ten náš (dosavadní) rozhovor :D čtěte...xD
já sem nicolexhey a on je FUCKCITY (takže tu první zprávu píšu já,pak on,já...)
nicolexhey @FUCKCITY Hey Andy! i read your post and now i understand why "fuckcity" :D btw you´re really fucking great drummer! so what´s up? =)
FUCKCITY@nicolexhey thanks. what post, on awesome-a
nicolexhey @FUCKCITY no on meant posts here,on twitter.i must laugh when i read something like "shit" "fucking" in each sentence.good ;D
FUCKCITY@nicolexhey fucking must you?-a
nicolexhey @FUCKCITY well..i mustn´t,but it can´ i must!it´s really great.for example "it´s a nice fucking day.i don´t know this shit" :D i like it

vysvětlení: tu první zprávu sem mu napsala proto,že on prostě na twitteru píše něco sprostýho v každý větě! :D
a tady sou fotky..xD

tuhle má Andy na twitteru jako hlavní :D
a tuhle mám já na twitteru jako hlavní :D (ano,tušíte správně.je to jedna z mých colorek! :D:D)